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      Company Profile
      Fujian ZhangzhouForeign TradeCO., LTD is a state-owned foreigntrade company that operates a comprehensive range of businesses,wholly-owned subsidiary of C…
      • 福建外貿集團進軍養老產業
      • 海峽西岸春潮涌
      • 八閩大地展宏圖

      Address: 7/F, Foreign TradeBuilding, 32North Xinhua RD., Zhangzhou, Fujian,China

      Telephone: 86-596-2968103

      Fax: 86-596-2932581 

      PostCode: 363000

      E-mail: fjzzft@126.com

      Fujian Zhangzhou Foreign Trade CO., LTD  all rights reserved- Powered by   閩ICP備17018647號-1

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